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Ignazio Silone

Author Detail:Ignazio Silone (Italian: [iɲˈɲattsjo siˈlone]; 1 May 1900 – 22 August 1978) was the pseudonym of Secondino Tranquilli, an Italian author and politician.

He was born in the town of Pescina in the Abruzzo region and lost many family members, including his mother, in the 1915 Avezzano earthquake. His father had died in 1911. Silone joined the Young Socialists group of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI), rising to be their leader.

He was a founding member of the breakaway Italian Communist Party (PCI) in 1921, and became one of its covert leaders during theFascist regime. Ignazio's brother Romolo Tranquilli was arrested in 1928 for being a member of the PCI, and he died in prison in 1931 as a result of the severe beatings he received.